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Original Antur 'Stiniog Hoody Pink

Original Antur 'Stiniog Hoody Pink


Mae gen y hwd Antur 'Stiniog ein logo enwog 2 liw yn fawr ar y blaen gyda logo un lliw ar yr cefn. 

The original Antur ‘Stiniog hoody has our famous 2 colour Antur ‘Stiniog logo printed large on the front and a small 1 colour logo and text printed on the back.


Defnydd - Fabric: 80% Cotton 20% Polyester

Lliw - Colour: Pink

Maint - Size: Chest (to fit) XS - 34", S - 36", M - 40", L - 44", XL - 48" 


Mae eitemau yn cael ei postio Dydd Mercher - Dydd Sadwrn./Items are shipped Wednesday to Saturday.

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